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I'm a 30-something, Italian Metis Canadian, who adores beauty, 


My son, Luca, is the light in my life, but boy, does he keep me on my toes! Luca and I live in Calgary Alberta with our,  ‘super scary’ pitbull, Lexi, who trembles when it rains, and our black cat, Salem, who is actually terrifying. 

I'm outspoken and loud, but you know what? 



I like to talk about the taboo, the topics that make you squirm, the secrets we hide away…because in my experience, secrets kill. 

I'm fucking funny


My son, Luca, is the light in my life, but boy, does he keep me on my toes!

Luca and I have a ‘super scary’ pitbull named Lexi, she’s scared of rain, and then Salem, our black cat, is a little bit tougher.


Luca’s dad died in 2018, making me a single parent. 


I have a gigantic, unorthodox and way too-close family. 

From Vanilla to Dark Chocolate and everything in between we aren’t a “cookie cutter” family. 


When I was 10, my parents brought home a “bouncing baby boy.”

He was 13 

I was fucking pissed

That’s how my parents “try-out” fostering. 

Since then X have come through the Ruzic house. 

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