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beauty obsessed

Katrina has always had a love for beauty, some might say it was passed down from her Gramma, Judy. Judy believed you never left the house without lipstick and your hair done.

just a hobby

Katrina had a natural talent for makeup, in 2017, while on Maternity Leave, she took the plunge and enrolled in a makeup academy. 

She achieved the title of  International Pro in Makeup Mastery and Special Effects. 

In the beginning, I did a few weddings, photoshoots and Halloween events but to me, it was just a hobby..

choosing a name

In 2017, I chose a name for my growing business

My fiance, Joshua, suggested ‘Glitter & Gold Makeup’

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october 7 2018, my love story died

In 2018, my fiancé took his own life and with him, a part of me died too. 

I was devastated, my entire world crumbled, without warning. I felt like a shell of who I used to be, my eyes didn’t sparkle anymore and that gold band lacked meaning. 

blitter & Gold Makeup, closed in 2018.

widow.single mom & sole provider. 

momma. makeup. mental health.

It took me nine months to come to realize, Joshua was never coming home. 

I was just a girl trying to survive and rebuild. I had found my silver lining, advocating for mental health awareness and suicide prevention but now, i needed an income.

Being a mother, kept me alive, makeup brought me comfort, and advocating for mental health gave me hope.

I took what I knew and built on it. 

Using the philosophy, “Broken is beautiful” infused with a focus on "mommas, makeup and mental health", BraveGirl was born. 

BraveGirl signifies finding light in seemingly darkest situations. It’s rebuilding from the ground up, The light at the end of the tunnel. 

its the calm in the chaos

We pride ourselves on being an all-inclusive, female-owned, Canadian Metis beauty company and we proudly advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

In 2019 BraveGirl expanded into cosmetics. Our online boutique features luxury Canadian made and cruelty-free cosmetics for affordable prices. 

BraveGirl began designing a Makeup Artistry course which birthed the Beauty Academy. 

BraveGirl is the first to offer a ‘hybrid’ delivery of the course utilizing 

the best parts of online learning and hands-on education. 

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