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My Biggest Flaw

I was told “Stop being such a man” from a guy I was seeing.

I laughed.

& then I asked him why he thought that.

I was a ‘man’ because I didn’t play the damsel role like he wanted.

I was a ‘man’ because I didn’t wait for him to solve my problems, I solve my own.

I was a ‘man’ because I don’t need a hero, I am my own hero.

I was a ‘man’ because I could take my feelings out of the equation.

I was a ‘man’ because I didn’t let him walk all over me and I called him on his bullshit.

I was a ‘man’ because I was strong despite everything that has happened to me.

To him,

this was a flaw in my character.

He told me I needed to “be less”.

I needed to take a step back and “let” him.

I needed to be a little less “me” so he could feel secure in his manhood.

I needed to dim my light so it wouldn’t overpower his.

I needed to change who I was because it was intimidating to this ‘man’.

I won’t ever change who I am.

I won’t ever apologize for being ‘too’ strong or too ‘much’ for someone else’s taste.

I won’t ever be anyone but me and if that doesn’t work for you, you know where the door is.

I am a strong woman & I’ve been through hell but it hasn’t broken me - it moulded me.

I won’t apologize for the woman that I have become because I have worked damn hard to become her and I love her.


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