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Secrets to Liquid Luminizers

Liquid Illuminators are the most underrated beauty product. I think people don't know how to use them so they steer clear.

But honey, these will change your life.

Luminizer, Highlight, whatever you want to call them, were created to add light or ‘luminate’ the face using light refracting pigments and are applied to the highest parts of your face. Typically, they come in 3 forms: powder, cream, or liquid. Traditionally highlights were platinum, champagne, rose gold, and gold however, the beauty industry has evolved, now, highlights can be found in almost all colours.

Before I learned about liquid luminizers, I preferred powder over cream. Personally, I find cream hard to apply and I dislike the feeling it leaves. Almost like it is wet, since I prefer matte makeup, this turns me off cream highlight.

Over the years, I’ve learned some amazing uses for liquid luminizers.

The most obvious use for a luminizer; for your face.

To use:

Finish your makeup routine, spritz with a setting spray.

Once dry, apply a small amount of liquid luminizer to the back of your hand.

Either with your fingers or a beauty blender, apply to the highest parts of your face.

TIP: In the summer, try applying a small amount to your collarbones for an extra pop.

The second use has gained a lot of popularity on TikTok.

Use a luminizer to fake a tan or just look glowing.

To Use:

Mix a luminizer with either a lotion or baby oil

Apply to body, focus on legs, arms, chest.

TIP: Choose a darker luminizer to fake or enhance a summer tan.

Dewy Makeup is treanding for Summer 2020, achieving it isn’t as hard as you think.

Start you makeup routine with moisturizer, apply primer and then with a beauty blender apply a liquid luminizer to cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow, above the brow.

Once dry, apply a BB Cream or foundation, continue makeup as usual.

By applying the luminizer under, the makeup looks lit from within, like the glow of new love.

Only applying it to the high parts of the face ensures your makeup looks ‘dewy’ and not ‘sweaty’.

Finally, my secret use for liquid luminizers is to help camouflage.

We all know, orange or red helps hiding dark circles, right?

Using that logic, on days that I need more coverage, instead of caking on concealer, I simply mix a rose gold or a rust coloured luminizer in with my primer.

Let it sit for 5 minutes before applying a BB Cream or foundation on top.

The result makes me look dewy and refreshed. Using this trick on the entire face can aid in hiding acne as well.

Some primers and even some lotions are marketed as ‘brightening’ just meaning they have a small amount of luminizer added.

Now that you know all my luminizer tricks, go try them and tell me what you think!

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