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BB Glow Facial

Service Description

BB Glow is a semi-permanent cosmetic pigment tattoo, which is typically done on the face, resulting in a semi-permanent ‘BB Cream’ effect. Using the same techniques as micro-needling, BB Glow boasts the same results and then some. The results are immediate, with the skin appearing radiant, youthful, ‘lit from within. Signs of acne scars, large pores, and even fine lines, seem to vanish with skin appearing plump and tightened. Due to the pigment used, BB Glow will also soften the appearance of hyperpigmentation, rosacea, blemishes, sunspots and the appearance of dark under-eye circles. Like micro-needling, BB Glow works best with 4-6 sessions. During the first session of BB Glow, the pigment coverage is more sheer, similar to that of a BB Cream. Reoccurring sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, can result in medium to full coverage. Once booked, a deposit of $50 is due immediately via e-transfer to confirm the booking.

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